Coffee Shops – Adore Estate now supply 500 stores in NSW, VIC and QLD

Australia is a certainly ‘lucky country’ when it comes to coffee as you can experience some of the best tasting coffee’s in the world with a huge number of unique coffee shops who all make their own individual style of coffee’s.

What many people don’t know about many of the coffee shops in Australia is that they are independently operated. Australians indeed are coffee lovers supporting the growth of countless new coffee shops sprouting, emerging everywhere in Australia everyday of the week. There are just under 2500 chain cafe outlets and around 8000 independent cafes now operating in Australia.

How Coffee Shops in Australia Began?

It all began on the finely brewed type of coffee, the Espresso Coffee. Although Australia had already been producing coffee—ordinary coffees-in the country, it was not until in the 1950’s that Espresso Coffee was introduced into Australia by two Italian and Greek immigrants who happened to be also coffee makers.

Since Espresso Coffee originated in Italy, and Greek have had also been influenced by this Italian type of coffee, Australian became addicted to it. The rest is history.

In 1980’s coffee shops began to emerge out of nowhere to produce Australia’s best-tasting varieties of coffee from the Espresso Coffee produce. This then grew in the 90’s and the 2000’s.

Today, coffee shops still continue to grow. They are visited by thousands of tourists from around the world just to taste its own Espresso Coffee. How over 10,000 coffee shops now exist in Australia today is a testament to Australia’s flourishing multi cultural society and unique culture when it comes to excellent-tasting coffee. Australian just can’t get enough of great-tasting coffee.

Imagine how many Australians are to be served with coffee everyday, one, two, three or more times a day?
How many coffee lovers in Australia have to be provided with excellent coffee if coffee shops are not enough in New South Wales, in Queensland, in Victoria?

So how really? Really, it’s because it’s Australia, that’s why. And they just love coffee.

Adore Estate supplies premium blend coffee to over 500 cafes in Australia.