Coffee Beans: how they’re processed to produce a great-tasting coffee in Australia by Adore Estate.

If you’re an adult, you probably drink coffee every morning before going to work; or most likely any time of the day at least you drink one cup of coffee at home or at a coffee bar. But have you ever wondered how coffee is made? Do you know where coffee come from?

Coffee comes from the coffee beans. Coffee beans are also called coffee seeds. This is where our coffee is sourced from and where the whole process begins. The coffee seeds are also called beans because they really look like beans. These beans are composed of two seeds, and these seeds come from the fruit of the coffee tree called coffee cherries or coffee berries.

The type of coffee beans that are produced worldwide come from the Arabica and Robusta coffee trees. 70 to 80 percent of coffee produced in the world come from the Arabica coffee beans. While 20% of the world production of coffee come from Robusta tree or Robusta Coffee beans. These two varieties of coffee trees and beans are important for many countries in the world for its importance in a country’s economy.

Let us learn how coffee beans are processed to produce a cup of great-tasting coffee.

How Coffee Beans Are Processed?

Here is the process to producing a great coffee:

  • Planting

Before anything else possible with coffee, coffee beans should be processed to be brewed and produce a well blended coffee. But before that, a coffee bean has also need to be planted, buried under the soil to grow a coffee tree. While coffee beans are being planted to produce more coffee, they are also processed to undergo a series of applications to produce a coffee.

  • Harvesting the Coffee Berries

After you planted a seed or a bean, you have to wait for 3 to 4 years before this will start bearing fruits, the coffee cherries or coffee berries. So this will be time of harvesting.

The rest of the processing of Coffee Beans are as follows:

  • Processing the Cherries
  • Drying the Beans
  • Milling the Beans
  • Roasting the Coffee
  • Grinding Coffee
  • Brewing Coffee

Coffee beans processing techniques vary from country to country. But most of them apply the process above. In Australia, for instance, also apply the same process. Though the processing equipment used in Australia is more advanced compared to some countries.

There are many coffee producers in Australia and surely there are also many of them that provide excellent, satisfying, pleasing taste for coffee lovers. This is because Australia is one of the world’s best producers of coffee. One of those is Adore Estate Coffee.

Try it. Adore Estate Coffee has high-breed, pure coffee beans that provide coffee with excellent aroma and taste. Try our own coffee produce and you’ll discover what great coffee should taste like. You will remember, for sure, the beans, the coffee beans, how they were processed. How they have gone a long process before it can produce the excellent-tasting coffee in your cup.