How much do you pay for a cup of Killer Coffee?


If you’re trying to figure out exactly how far 1 Kg  will stretch you, it’s really dependent on how you’re brewing your coffee.

How many cups of coffee come from one Kg of coffee?

According to our brewing recommendations using a high coffee to water ratio, 1 Kg of Killer Coffee  will yield you about 24 pots of strong, highly caffeinated coffee. At six cups per pot on average, that’s about 144 cups of coffee per Kg.

What’s the price of 1 cup of Killer Coffee and how long does it last?

On average, one cup of Killer Coffee costs about 29 cents.

Many  Fans say they are going through 1 Kg of coffee in 3-4 weeks.

Do I get more coffee if I get bean or ground coffee?

There is absolute no difference in the amount of coffee between whole bean or ground, but a whole bean bag will appear to be larger.

Where To Find The Best Coffee Around The World


Once a coffee lover, always a coffee lover anytime, anywhere. Cappuccino, espresso, macchiato – name it.



A coffee enthusiast will always have a favorite coffee shop to stay with and read a good book for a late Saturday afternoon chill. Or, prefers his own brewing and storing methods and chooses his own type of coffee beans.


And while on travel, he hunts for the best coffee shop to complete his itinerary. To help coffee lovers find the best cup of Joe aroma, here’s a list of the best coffee cities in the world for a comprehensive idea on what country to go next.


Melbourne, Australia.


Coffee shops in Australia reflect the country’s creative and zestful culture. Australians take coffee seriously, not only as a conventional fuel for a drowsy day but a great motivation in their lifestyle. As opposed to the popular culture of coffee as a companion in finishing paper works, Australians drink coffee as a way to unwind and relax with some colleagues. Coffee scenarios in Melbourne are not the typical silent crowd with laptops and busy hands tapping the keyboard but rather, a room full of chit-chatting people with occasional sound of genuine laughter.


Reykjavik, Iceland.


You might be a little surprised, but Iceland homes the best coffee shops, too. Over time, the country has developed good coffee chains that eventually draw the attention of local customers and even foreigners. Without so much competition from big coffee chains in the city, Iceland coffee shops guarantee to serve high-quality coffee to everybody.


Rome, Italy.


There’s no denying it, Italy is known for its mouth-watering delicacies. Similarly, Italians serve perfect coffee quality that satisfies customers from all around the world. As the country origin of coffee culture, Italy cannot tolerate half-baked coffee quality. A huge part of Italians’ tradition is coffee and without it the country is quite, unthinkable.


Seattle, Washington, USA.


Seattle is the birthplace of Starbucks and has the most exquisite coffee shops in the world. Roaming around the city, you won’t surely run out of choices for an awesome coffee experiment. Americans are the largest coffee-consuming population with coffee shop environment that looks really inviting and accommodating. Apparently, coffee chain competition in America is quite prominent but nonetheless, Seattle is the premier city that serves superlative quality of coffee that fuels the population of America.


Istanbul, Turkey.


Turkey has a unique coffee culture, with compelling popularity in traditional coffee houses and perhaps one of the few remaining countries with no Starbucks outlet. Turkish preserve their culture and tradition carefully that’s why they enjoy coffee more than they need it as a basic necessity.


In fact, it is part of their pre-wedding tradition where a bride-to-be puts salt on the coffee of the groom-to-be and see how he reacts with this. If he shows his disapproval, he is not deserving to marry the girl. But if otherwise, it means he is a patient man who will stick to the marriage against all odds. How interesting is that?


Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Coffee chains in Thailand is rising excitingly nowadays. Coffee is everywhere from large coffee chains to small coffee stands in the street or nearby gasoline stations. As a growing coffee society, Thai barristers are still on the process of mastering the skills in brewing special coffee to match the taste of prominent coffees all around the world. However, there are selected shops that can brew perfect and wonderful cup that a coffee-lover can only find in Thailand.

How To Store Your Coffee: The Safe and Right Way

How long can your coffee beans stay fresh?


Coffee’s shelf life can last only in about 3-5 months and beyond that, it may lose its refined quality, aromatic scent and natural flavor. This may depend however on storage and preservation method.

Although you can choose to roast your own beans to ensure fresh coffee drink, let’s just assume that one day your coffee machine retires from service and you need to buy and store some coffee beans, instead.

How do you make sure that you can still enjoy fresh coffee experience?

Store your coffee in an airtight container.

Secure an airtight container to help you keep the air out. Choose a container type (either ceramic or plastic) with safe tight lock, especially designed for coffee storage. Avoid choosing a glass container as light is one of the deteriorating factors of coffee.

Keep your coffee away from too much hot surface.

Then, place the container in dry and dark place, an area with far proximity from direct sunlight or heat. Of course, not near the window or stove as too much heat will increase the breakdown of coffee flavors. As coffee is better stored in a cool place, don’t think of placing it inside the fridge or freezer. You can put in inside cupboards or kitchen cabinets.

Buy enough coffee for a week or two.

When buying coffee, choose valve-sealed coffee bags because it can preserve freshness and store roasted beans without aging, compared to other types of packaging. Coffee beans release carbon dioxide after a week of roasting so with sealed bags, you can restore the aroma of coffee even after the degassing process has begun.

Coffee loses its freshness instantly after roasting hence, it is better if you purchase enough coffee amount to consume and store the rest for next week or so.

Keep dry coffee grounds.

Coffee flavors will automatically lose its magical taste if you store coffee grounds wet. Also, there is a huge tendency of fungus buildup that risks you of food poisoning because of the moisture that wet grounds create.

For safer and tastier coffee drink, store dry coffee grounds instead so that you are assured that your coffee is fresh and refined even after few days inside the storage container.

Keep your coffee away from refrigerators or freezers.

Despite the fact that you can store coffee inside the fridge, consistently getting the coffee container anytime you want to brew a cup and then returning it after will ward-off the coffee aroma and will otherwise gain the flavor of your freezer. Contrary to popular belief that you can store your coffee in the fridge, this constant change of temperature will result to moist and eventually lose natural coffee flavor.

Storing coffee will be best in a cool place but putting it on the fridge will cause the deterioration of authentic and natural flavors and an adaptation of external factors that will ruin the quality of your coffee.

Air, heat, light and moisture are the deteriorating factors that affect coffee’s flavor once improperly stored.  

How Can Coffee Help you Achieve Your Diet Plan

Losing weight becomes a serious goal since additional preservatives took over our food. With a slight panic to maintain a healthy figure, a 5m workout routine, reduced intake of carbs and more of low-cal sustenance hastily turned into a necessity.image00

Some people prefer ‘water-over-soda diet’ while some choose ‘black coffee diet’ to slowly reduce weight. Coffee has this wealthy benefits that beyond lowering cirrhosis risks, it also accompanies journey to losing weight. How?

Let’s find out theories that support how coffee could be a dietary aid.

Coffee boosts energy.

Energy that is not limited to productive brain functions only. It also refers to the increase of physical energy which makes your body function well for that running and hiking exercises.

Technically, you can’t sweat out if you just calmly sip your coffee while engrossing yourself on a book. You need to go out, to the gym or play outdoor sports to get your desired results quickly.

Coffee blunts appetite.

Moderate coffee amount suppresses hunger temporarily. Be careful not to consume excessive caffeine amount otherwise, you’ll get food carvings as a result.  As this may have a short term effect, be wary not to eat high-Cal foods to fill your hunger in between.

Coffee works in ordinary amount.

You don’t need caffeine overdose to place your diet goals in order. 400mg coffee amount or less will help you slow down and focus on the weight loss process. Take note that black coffee than with sugar or cream can work better to decline calorie intake.

Other coffee options may be considerable but notably, black coffee has 0 gram fat which makes it unexplainable why you need it in the first place.

Coffee enhances workout routine.

As stimulant, coffee triggers thermogenesis, a process from which your body releases heat and energy from food digestion. As an additive, drinking it before exercise will increase fat burning level which gives significant impact on your diet.

Constant gym workout may be a strenuous task sometimes. You may be tired from work and just want to head to bed immediately. But coffee can help you charge energy and fuel vigor that you need to complete your diet routine.

Coffee increases metabolism.

Drinking coffee increases metabolic rate so theoretically, fat burning comes easily too. Studies and research suggests that drinking black coffee in an empty stomach stimulates your nervous system, resulting to an efficient pull out of fatty acids from fat cells. Coffee also contains magnesium and potassium that regulates blood sugar levels and reduces sweet cravings.

On the other hand, slowdown in carb consumption while drinking coffee as part of your diet plan for this may cause negative effects in burning your fats.

Coffee is everywhere.

Definitely. Wherever you go, coffee is super accessible that while you are on your diet, grabbing a coffee cup is so convenient. Get over drooling in some red velvet cake, switch to a peaceful coffee sip and achieve your diet goals.

Diet won’t be a hassle for coffee worshippers. But for non-coffee lovers, you don’t need to love coffee that much, perhaps a faithful sip would do. Diet is not just an ordinary walk in the park. It takes effort, determination, inspiration and of course, coffee.

8 Signs Why Drinking Coffee Leads You to a Healthier Life

Tracing back 10th century when coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia, it was just a simple plant that energized the goats. And then surprisingly decades after, it still has the power to amaze people. The magic remains unconquered generation after generation and continues to evolve from a simple black beverage to the sunshine for every soul.

Drinking Coffee

But, how much do you know about coffee aside from its ability to fuel a drowsy day?

Well, if you are worried you might be having caffeine overdose, here’s a guide to help you enjoy more morning cups:

Perfect for any combination.

Unlike tea which is limited to a cinnamon or honey concoction, coffee complements with any add-ons that you would love for an experimentation. You mix it with egg, butter or vanilla, coffee still comes out as a wonderful pick-me-up beverage. Curious? Try these oddly tasteful coffee concoctions and discover other mix-ins you can add to your java cup.

Serves as an ideal beverage of the day.

Whether a desire of memory boost or productivity at work, your cup of Joe can help you achieve any of this goal. For better memory performance, coffee is advisable after an important business meeting rather than during or before the course of the event. And as stimulant, coffee aids neurotransmitter to perform excellently, too.

Limits to 400mg consumption.

A significant 400mg caffeine (that’s roughly equivalent to 4 cups) is a fundamental amount of basis to consume. Beyond this may result to unfavorable body responses such as irritability, insomnia and jitters. Just take it slow, grasshopper.

Works as mild anti-depressant.

In addition to what you know, coffee serves as a mild anti-depressant. Coffee drinkers are generally happier compared to those who are not. Why? Coffee has scientifically increase dopamine in the brain saving 20% of coffee lovers from depression.

Keeps you away from cardiovascular diseases.

Who doesn’t want to live a healthier life? The best part of your journey in living longer is that through a simple coffee cup, this goal gets nearly possible. A significant study from Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health shows that about 22% of women and 38% of men who consume coffee regularly can get lower risks or heart disease and stroke.

Your coffee might be hiding lots of health benefit, right? To know beyond its black beauty, find out more awesome coffee secrets here.

Fights tooth cavity.

According to a research study from Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, an American Chemistry publication, roasted coffee beans has antibacterial components that help fight the activities of negative bacteria in our teeth. It also prevent certain microorganisms that develops into cavities and adhesive properties that make coffee drinkers own a set of whiter teeth compared to the non-drinkers.

Allows you to help over 25 million people.

Your satisfaction over your brewed coffee is nothing compared to the people behind the process of your amazing seed to cup experience. In over 50 coffee-producing countries, imagine the number of coffee farmers you help through a daily coffee consumption. Spread the love!

Works for both drink and food.

Another amazing truth about coffee is that it can serve both your cup and plate. Yup, that’s an exciting one. Aside from the liquid transformation of coffee, you can also use it as an ingredient for cookie snack or a pancake breakfast. Want to know more of coffee cooking? Check this simple ways to create a coffee inspired meal.




8 Brilliant Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds

Throwing away your coffee grounds? Not so fast.

8 brilliant ways to reuse coffee grounds

Beyond coffee’s ability to alert sleepy brainstem at 7 in the morning, it has a life outside the bean, too. Do you know that coffee grounds have surprisingly wonderful uses? Well, never underestimate the power of leftovers of your well-deserved coffee luxury. How about these: use it to guard away cats from your garden and treat your frizzy hair and saggy eye bags. Loving it? Check out more brilliant ways to use coffee grounds before you would want to throw it away today.

Flea-guard for your pets.

Fleas are external parasites that usually attack pets when the weather starts to get warm. If your adorable cat or dog happen to have these, coffee grounds can do the rescue. Just simply add the grounds to your pet’s shampoo and scrub it carefully to his body.

Instant air freshener.

Did you forget to grab an air freshener from the mall? And your car stinks from the smell of cigar? Try an easy way to shoot the odor away through customizing your own freshener. Get a pair of stocking and fill it with dried up coffee grounds, tie it, and place on the desired area. Voila! You can enjoy a fresh atmosphere in your car or at your home when all you did was just fill a stocking with coffee grounds.

Furniture-scratch cover.

Are you worried of the minor scratches in your latest furniture at home? Or are you having a hard time to hide evidences of a worn-out table? Simply add water to coffee grounds for an instant paste and use cotton swabs to apply it on the scratched area. Instantly, you can fix your furniture in a brush. You can hide all your furniture’s imperfections. See? Repairing your furniture can come as fast as brewing a cup of tea.

Coffee painting.

If you want to ignite creativity in your kids without spending too much, just make a cup of Joe and utilize the grounds to create an excellent art. All you need to do is just reuse your coffee grounds, get your canvass, and then start a painting session at home. What a perfect non-toxic bonding!

Refrigerator deodorizer.

Stop worrying of the unpleasant odor from spoiled foods after yesterday’s party. Aside from baking soda, another quick way to deodorize your fridge is yes, coffee grounds. Place a bowl of grounds inside your refrigerator and let it emit all the odors trapped inside your food jungle.

Shoe deodorizer.

If you have a big problem with odors on your shoes, fix it instantly after brewing your cup of coffee. Pour the dried grounds inside your shoes and let it sleep overnight. The grounds will absorb the odor and make your shoes cleaner and more comfortable to wear.

Hand odor neutralizer.

If you have been busy doing kitchen works all day, your hands are soaked with different odors from too much chopping spices and mixing ingredients. Water and hand soap are sure not enough to remove the stain away. Luckily, mixing coffee grounds with water can remove the odor and soothe your hands as if they didn’t perform such a hard work.

Skin and hair exfoliant.

Use it to your face and hair and get an awesome result. The grounds exfoliate both your scalp and skin, leaving the areas smooth and soft. Natural remedies like coffee grounds can help prevent possible allergies from the extreme chemical content of some beauty care products.

Top 6 oddly tasteful coffee concoctions

Have you ever tried coffee plus salt? Or coffee and ginger? Sounds weird, does it?


Whether to jump-start your day or to keep you awake from a midday drowse, a cup of joe is like a knight in a shining mug.


Yet, if you are tired of the plain black coffee sensation, try switching to some tasteful coffee concoctions for an additional satisfying zest to your beloved energy-booster drink.




Here are top choices of coffee add-ins you can try for an improved and equally healthy beverage:


Egg yolk coffee.


Although this might not be your first thought to mix in your coffee, this combination is surprisingly awesome. It is actually a tradition in Scandinavia, a country in Northern Europe, where they mix raw eggs to coffee grounds and make a clear, shining, sediment-free coffee drink out of it.

Coffee a la mode.


If you are craving for a Starbucks frappuccino yet torn between purchasing and saving, you can’t go wrong in adding a soft delightful ice cream to your coffee instead. Certainly, ice cream will turn your bitter coffee into a sweet cup, shaping your dozing day into a sweetened one.


Butter-better coffee.


This may not be surprising anymore but for those who are still reluctant to try, now is the perfect time to make one. Did you know that adding butter to your coffee has healthy benefits such as keeping your digestive system moving and maximizing your anti-oxidants?


Also if you are trying to lose weight, in lieu of breakfast, you can try this concoction and let the combination burn your body fats. You see, this can be amazingly weird.


Gingerly yours, coffee.


In merging the power of ginger and coffee, superb things can happen. From strong antioxidant potentials, nutritionally-dense substance, cancer-fighting power, healthy cholesterol promotion, to diabetes and liver protection, ginger is basically capable of doing all of these.


Researches show that the combination of two promotes a robust cup plus a fantastic taste!


Coffee in vanilla flavor.


Vanilla is famous as an ice cream flavor but now, you can also add this to your favorite cup of caffeine. Aside from its sweet taste, did you know that additional vanilla has vigorous perks, too? You read that right. Vanilla can reduce joint pain and relieve stress. Besides, it also advances your mental performance mood.


Absolutely, vanilla is not just for your beloved ice cream. Vanilla and coffee can make a great team, too.

No sugar, with salt please.


This may sound off-beat, but yes some people are adding salt to their coffee. If you still prefer the pure black one instead of concocting your coffee with any add-ins, a pinch of salt will neutralize the bitterness and enhance the coffee flavor, somehow.


The science behind it reveals production of ions which in a way or another, boosts mental functions. This is really weird but coffee has more healthy benefits if you skip the cream and sugar, and add salt instead.


Awesome Coffee Secrets

Awesome Coffee Secrets

    • Coffee is a gold shield for your liver. Coffee lovers have 80% lesser risk of cirrhosis – a chronic disease usually a result of alcoholism or hepatitis. It is typically marked by the degeneration of cells, inflammation and fibrous thickening of tissue, as defined.
    • Coffee plus added cream tends to cool down slowly in about 20% compared to a cup of pure coffee.
    • The more roasted a coffee is, the more it loses the amount of caffeine. So, expect a bold and black coffee with lesser power to keep you awake.
    • The smell of coffee has a bigger tendency of waking you up in the morning, as scientists reported. Accordingly, the aroma resists the activity of some genes in the brain thus diminishing the effects of sleep deprivation. Coffee reaches your bloodstreams as fast as 10 minutes, which is why coffee aroma is very popular for breakfast or generally in the morning.
    • Japan has Cat Cafes where you can chill and relax with cats. They also have Coffee Onsen Spa for a greater relaxation coffee spa experience.
    • Coffee is the second commodity most traded in the world, next to oil.
    • Coffee can also be used as both moisturizer and fertilizer.
    • Luwak, a Sumatran wild cat, produces the record of the most expensive coffee in the world. The animal is unable to digest coffee beans so in the process of digestion, the coffee is otherwise fermented in the Luwak’s stomach. Therefore, when the beans are excreted, they come out as suave, chocolaty coffee. It costs more or less than $600. Isn’t it sweet?
    • Before working out, you can try a dose of caffeine because it increases your adrenaline level and discharges some fatty acids from fat tissues, resulting to a better physical workout.
    • There are two types of coffee primarily called as Arabica and Robusta coffee. Robusta has twice caffeine content compared to Arabica which comprises seventy percent of coffee beans.
    • The coffee belt includes all the regions of Africa, South America, Central America, and Asia that have the appropriate condition needed in mounting coffee.
    • A fungal disease called coffee rust is responsible for attacking the leaves of the coffee plants resulting to its death. The disease has devastated Central America in the 19th century and became a threat to farmers’ livelihood all over the world.



Coffee Latte and the Art Challenge

One of the coolest things that coffee can offer you is this literally consumable art.

Coffee art, barista art, or coffee designs – you may call it differently but familiar images pop up in your mind: a beautiful swan or an elegant flower on top of your espresso.

This is internally the infusion of steamed milk and the traditional Italian espresso to create different desired patterns – resulting in a sweet, zestful art. Some awesome designs include flower, swan, heart, and the most popular rosetta, a fern-like design.

Coffee Latte and the Art Challenge

When did it start?

In the 1980’s, David Schomer, the owner of Seattle’s Espresso Vivace coffee shop was the first to bring out the latte art in the US. For the development of micro foam or milk texturing, Schomer gives credit to Jack Kelly of Seattle coffee shop Uptown Espresso in 1986.

With the perfect combination of the textured milk and espresso, Schomer first worked on his technique of free pouring. He poured the textured milk and used the sides of the cup to form whirl and waves and then finally completed the heart shape by 1989.

What is Free Pour Latte Art?

The process boils down to science because of the proportional relationship and fluid dynamics of milk meeting espresso at the same time. Before you pour in the steamed milk on top of your espresso, you make sure to form a foundation of the milk on the bottom, first. This way, you won’t get a tidal wave of milk swarming your espresso.

After which, that’s the time to pour the foam and start your art. Remember to stroke your hands carefully, create your pattern skillfully and pour the foam slowly to perfect your free pour.

This could be a frustrating process but with impeccable dedication and perseverance, patience and practice, all the beauty in your art will be worth it.

What is Etching Latte Art?

Unlike free pour latte art which requires technical skill, this one entails authentic artistic skills. Etching is a technique where baristas will draw an image or a desired design using a thin stick like a toothpick, on top of the steamed milk after pouring it.

Different images like anime characters, animals, or symbols like heart, flower and the rosetta could be formed using this technique. Just like the free pour, this one may also be challenging.

However, this art makes your coffee look equally creative and tasteful.

Coffee Latte Art Competitions

Latte art competitions nowadays, are very popular and competitive. In the US, baristas from all over the world compete to showcase their skill and talent to bring out the most beautiful coffees. The World Coffee Events organizes this competition to highlight this newfangled art and provide a more challenging and creative platform of expression for baristas.

The competition has three rounds where the competitors will be judged on both free pour and etching. The contestant who will get the top score in the final round will emerge as the winner.

The ultimate challenge

The crucial part of this art is the pouring itself. An aspiring coffee artist or even an experienced barista is always challenged by the protocol of height, position, flow and control for the success of this cutting-edge latte art.

Today, these designs have become a standard part for baristas. Recently, latte arts develop into 3D designs and some restoration of famous literary work of arts. So, whether you’re a resident barista or a newbie, explore more creative ways to give that espresso shot an exciting pour.

Coffee or tea: which suits you best?

Do you call yourself a green tea enthusiast or a coffee devotee? Whichever you prefer, both can equally provide you with health benefits and sustain your body with enough energy that you need for a long day at work. But, here are some important key points to note so you can thoroughly distinguish which beverage is most suitable for you.

Coffee or tea: which suits you best

Why a cup of Coffee?

Coffee is more than just black water. As people generally know, it contains a large amount of caffeine, large enough to wake you up from your daydreams about sleep. Caffeine in a reasonable number of cups a day is still considered healthy (3 cups a day) and helps you accelerate your metabolism before you run on to that 3km marathon.

It may have a higher caffeine content but that doesn’t make it harmful. In fact, it helps in constricting blood vessels in the brain, reducing migraine and even relieving hangovers. Moreover, researches have their eye set on the potential ability of coffee to reduce the case of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Aside from that, it can also lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.

According to a research, coffee drinkers have a 25-30% lower risk of getting this disease that is seriously afflicting almost 300 people worldwide. It is believed that caffeine can increase blood pressure but somehow this effect may persist in some people. Coffee may cause a slight increase in blood pressure but it just fades overtime. This doesn’t mean that people who drink coffee are prone to heart disease but rather that they have a slightly lower risk of stroke.

Why not tea?

Tea is very popular all over the world, mostly in Asia. It comes in variety of forms, from white, black, to green.  From hot to iced tea, people just love this drink because it can improve health beyond the refreshment it provides.  All types of tea are made from the leaves of a plant called Camella sinensis, which is said to be responsible for potential cancer-fighting properties.

Tea contains antioxidants to protect the body from harmful body rusts. It maintains a vigorous physique that you need to live a longer, restored life. It also has less caffeine which helps you feel relaxed and collected, rejuvenating your solid health, and giving you a complete peace of mind.

In addition, tea helps you lose weight. So, if you want to go on a diet, no need to be picky about the food you eat. Just grab a cup of tea and you’re ready to burn some fats.

So, which is which?

There is no absolute answer to this question. Subjectively, people can just decide for their own whether it’s a cup of tea or coffee. We can generally divide the two kinds of people in the world: tea devotees and coffee lovers. Tea devotees savor something special in tea that they can’t taste in coffee, and vice versa. But as to which is best, nobody can claim the answer.

On top of it all, it doesn’t matter which one you prefer because both can suffice for good benefits. What you should look close to now is the potential of each brew to help you maintain a balanced, energetic, and healthy life.

So, you can go back now to your hot tea or iced coffee and praise the providence of these bountiful antioxidants. Bottoms up!