Coffee Galleria is a boutique coffee roastery based locally in Sydney. As our name suggests, we are focussed creating a Gallery of Coffee. We diligently source exquisite origin’s from around the world. We have developed close relationships and direct trade arrangements with farmers in Sumatra, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. These coffee’s that we source are rigorously sampled and tested before being incorporated into to our seasonal blends and etc.

In 2010 we developed the Private Label Roasting arm to our business. We believe that a business’ strongest asset is their brand. We have developed a strong team of experienced industry business developers, graphic designers and marketing strategists to help our customers to take total advantage of the market they are in.

In 2012 we designed and fabricated a fully equipped mobile Coffee Lab. We travel the country with this Lab to industry trade shows, exhibitions, competitions and other key events, showcasing our coffee and continuing to spread the passion for specialty coffee.

In 2014, Coffee Galleria will be opening our first concept store. An espresso bar located on the Gold Coast, showcasing our blends and direct traded coffees. This multi faceted space will also serve as a training centre, providing education and training to budding baristas and professionals alike. Our goal is to reinvigorate specialty coffee in Australia, and create a hub for coffee enthusiasts of all levels of experience.


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